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For those of you are in the topic you know, that Marzocchi printed cool stickers using colour ‘silver’ for the 90’s XC600, XC700 (the one with red and the silver/black one for the red XC700), XCR and the DH3. The silver made the stickers very especially!

You can buy it here!

You also might know that printing ‘silver’ is a very difficult and a absolute expensive technique and intensive workload task. Usualy common printers can’t do this and in the field of reproductions all stickers are somehow ‘faked’ by using a simple light grey out of the CMYK palette (that’s lame and the easiest and simplest way, all ink jet printer can do – but they can not print silver!).

By accident I found a solution for this and you can see that the absolut fantastic results with the XC600 sticker, 100% reproduction! The silver is like a ‘mirror’ on the originals!! So I will reprint all the stickers of the older forks with silver. Happy me! Happy us Marzocchi Maniacs!!!

I will add some details about printing here later. I’m awaiting the next set of stickers, feel free to ask for your set 🙂

If you have already bought a set of my older stickers version I will update your sticker just for shipping costs!! Please drop me a note!

Comparision (left the new one, right site the lame one with simple grey printed 😉

Data of the stickers:

  • Orafol premium car foil
  • laminated
  • car vinyl film
  • UV-resistant 7 years
  • scratch-resistant
  • acid-resistant
  • sticker are printed and laminated with resin. It’s almost indestructible
  • sticks clue bombproof but can also be removed without leaving any residue
  • can also be glued wet

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