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Just a few words of what we have here:
A tried to sort my huge private collection of Marzocchi parts here in this little ‘hobby-test-development-just-for-fun-shop’.

Reade more about here ...

  Most common are the XC Seals in 24 and 26mm (BOTH AVAILABLE) for all the older Marzocchi forks from the 90’s (DH3, XCR, XC700, XC600, XC500, XC400, XC50, XC51, XH50H, XC300, XC200, XC250, XC150, XC100, MX100, PF1, Star Fork etc. and all the branded ones like HDB01/HDB02 (KĂ€stler), Fuchs Sport, Giant, GT, Scott Xtraschocks a.o.), manuals (free download, please use the shopping cart) the stickers for most of them and the most important tools you might need to service your fork. If possible I sell complete service/repair kits @Ebay or please ask direct.

In 2019 I decided to do also the early Marzocchi Bombers like Z1 (BAM), Z2 (BAM) from about 1996 – 2000 including the reproduction of 30mm seals, tools and rebuilds!

The shop paypments are done by Paypal, BUT(!) Paypal offers to handle your Credit Payment WITHOUT having a Paypal account! 
Please try it during shop checkout! 

I’m using this shop to organize my collection items. Most items are for sale, if not sold already. Prices are negotiable: you can make me an offer or we can exchange bike parts (MTB). Please try using this shop, it is currently under developement as a fun project, but should do the trick.
Please send me errors from the website or shop including a picture. THANKS!

My speciality is to rebuild and service this ‘older’ forks from the 90’s including all you want: I have a lot of forks and I always will use the best parts I have including original seals and spare parts I have collected over the last 25 years!  

Apart from the listing here I have a bunch of boxes which contains all kind of spare parts, service boxes, around 500 steerer, including spare fork crowns, ca. 100 forks of all typs and colours from the 90’s etc. pp. I also have a huge collection of digital material, manuals, drawings, pictures etc. which is still not online. I will add content from time to time.
If something is missing or if you are searching for something special, please drop me a note! 

Please note, that this private hobby is only about the Marzocchi front suspension forks from the 90’s (XC series and early Bombers only), NOT about ‘newer’ forks, rear suspension or other Marzocchi related stuff.

I’m a friendly human. I like what I do. I like to help & support. I like to fix things and solve problems!!!
I’m open to every friendly persons idea’s.

But if you try to piss me on in any way, you are off.

Have fun & all the best!


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