About Me

I’m a Marzocchi Maniac since my first bike having a Marzocci 96’er XC600 mounted in the 90’s. I don’t know why in detail, but it was pure fun for me to work on my bike and this suspension fork. I was afraid of spares and as a student I had not that much money so I started to buy replacement forks and some service boxes to be able to repair it DIY. And as I like to discuss such thematics I was in forums and Usenet  discussions groups being out with seals, spares, manuals and help.

Step by step I went through all the different older Marzocchi’s on my bikes and my collection was growing and growing. It became my best hobby alongside a lot of other hobbies. I created my fist private Zocchi website with the time comming I became what I call an ‘Expert-Idiot’ for older Marzocchi’s only.

I also started a constantly growing public collection of Marzocchi Manuals with a lot of help & support from the Marzocchi Community as a non profit project, as FOX/Marzocchi dropped all support for Marzocchi forks <= 2018 (they want to maximize profit and sell only new forks). What a f####g shame! 😫🤐

I like what I do.
Just do it.

My background is an almost technical, my father was an architect and lernt me a lot in crafts, tools, doing all myself and being independent.
When I was old enough to decide for my future way I had  to decide between repairing tanks and trucks in the army or going for studies. I went to studies in Mechanical Engineering, Production Techniques and Construction Engineering / construction methodology. You may ask : “How can you do this in one degree course??” Short answer: “You can’t.” I have studied for long and did a lot of courses from different studies, I just made it my own way.

Byside – and for me that more important 😏 – I worked as a machining operator for many manufacturing processes in scientific context including 3D printing with an SLA250 from 3D Systems – one of the first professinal 3D printing systems, High Speed Grinding Prototype on a FS126 from GÜHRING, different MAHO machines etc. pp. What a real fun that was!!

As you can’t do constructions & advanced metal processing without CAD, so lucky me I was in early 3D CAD modelling & constructions in systems like HP ME10 / 30, Tebis, CATIA, MEDUSA, AutoCAD, Strässle KONSYS, etc.
I did lessons for my study colleagues to share my knowledge in free lessons, wrote manuals and much more being 7 days busy. That was a glorious time, great playground for me and a very lucky time!!⚡🤙

At University we already used Internet, but than Word Wide Web (WWW) Service was comming in the beginning in the 90’s and strong growing. So byside my studies I was working in multimedia doing web programming and working as a Multimedia Consultant, Project Manager and byside needed to be the IT specialist in all company’s networks I worked in.

All this jobs are based for sure on Infrastruktur Technoligies (IT) and that’s what I did both as a professional and employee for years. I found a place in a company doing Software Development on Product Data Management (PDM) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), working as a Teamleader in the Professional Support Department, get experiences in very modern K8s Cloud DevOps Development and I’m still doing support now for Professionals in the PDM/PLM area.

I’m looking forward to other interesting tasks.

Thinks to do here :

  • add some nice photos
  • add links to important parts
  • check for errors
  • add some other cool references of my work
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