Marzocchi Tools

PictureReferenceITEM No.MARZ. No.LARM No.DescriptionUse
60.10Big Tool Case XC500 / XC51XC400, XC100, XC500, XC51 etc.
ITEM 10360.02Pumpall forks with Schrader Air Valve (XC Series)
REF AITEM 10460.32Plug Extraction Tool (Air Cap Puller)To remove the plug from the stanchion tube (all from 1998 - 1996 : XCR / DH3 / XC400 - 500 - 600 - 700 etc.)
REF BITEM R504360.21Pointed PliersTo remove the Oil Seal retaining Ring (XCR / DH3 / XC400 - 500 - 600 - 700)
REF BITEM 109Oil control bushing' - ??Press-In Tool XC500 (Buchse) etc.
REF BITEM 99Compensation piston (XC400)Holds the Compensation Piston, while you screw the inner Screw to close the Piston (300)
ITEM 92Philips Screwdriver (XC400)
REF GITEM 98Tool zum Einführen der Trennbuchse (XC400)
REF CITEM 11060.19Press-In Tool XC500
REF MITEM 110Special introduction Tool XC400
ITEM 113Vorrichtung zum Einpressen in Stanchion tube (XC500) ??
REF CITEM 504760.34Tool for oil seal 26mm assembly (Press-in tool)to insert the oil seal into the slider
REF DITEM 502460.27'T' allen wrenchto unscrew stanchion tube (XCR/DH3)
REF EITEM 504860.38Protection ring to remove the oil seal from stanchion tube (XCR, DH3)
Valve Adapter vermutlich mit Rückschlagventil
60.13??[Don't know what this is for ..?]
91.025Pump - Valve Adapter?
60.33361636MAR Werkzeugschlüssel R8.001Gelenkzapfenschlüssel <= XC400, 35 - 60 mm mit Zapfen 4 mm)
2mm allen wrench XC500 only
Bomber 30mm Slider Protector classic
Bomber 30mm Slider Protector m-arch
Oil Seal Insertion Tool 30mm
Bomber 32mm Slider Protector classic
Bomber 32mm Slider Protector m-arch
Oil Seal Insertion Tool 32mm
Bomber 35mm Slider Protector classic (SHIVER)
Bomber 35mm Slider Protector m-arch
Oil Seal Insertion Tool 35mm
Bomber 38mm Slider Protector
Oil Seal Insertion Tool 38mm
Bomber 40mm Slider Protector (MONSTER)
Oil Seal Insertion Tool 40mm
Combi Tool Bomber 32mm (two-piece)
Combi Tool Bomber 35mm (two-piece)
Combi Tool Bomber 38mm (two-piece)??
Combi Tool Bomber 40mm (1 pcs)
Air Adapter 37mm
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