20200609 : Will continue this section with products and pictures.

The English expression New Old Stock (NOS) means “new from old stock”. It refers to components and devices, the manufacture of which has been discontinued, but which, e.g. from spare parts inventory (unused) are available.
All this parts have never been mounted!

– complete XCR silver (all parts NOS!!)
– Slider XC600/XC700 titanium
– Slider XC600/XC700 gun metall blue
– Slider XC400 silver
– Slider XCR grey
– Slider StarFork silver
– Valve Assembly XC500 titanium (301 complete)
– Crown XC600/XC700 titanium boltened
– Crown XC600/XC700 silver pressed-in
– Stanchion XCR (10)
– Stanchion XC50/51 (>20 pieces)
– Stanchion DH3 (x)
– Stanchion XC500 (x)
– Stanchion XC600 / XC700 (2)
– all Seals !!!

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