Marzocchi XC500 fork blue (full rebuild)

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This the deal: I have collected several blue XC500 in my boxes, all of them are used ones and I already have dissassembled them all for better inspection. This are not NOS, but used ones. Please allow little optical marks.
If you buy one, I will take the most best parts I currently have and rebuild the fork from scratch using original Marzocchi seals, oil, new stickers, screws and a steerer of your choice. You will receive a technical 100% fork!
++ This is a service which you never will get again on this world! ++

All my sold Marzocchi Fork Rebuilds will include an extra SEAL-KIT* for FREE!

(* 2x inner oil seal & 2x outer dust seal)

This fork comes with a 1 1/8″ or 1 1/4″ crown, which means you can also use a 1″ steerer in it by using a aluminium shim! Make your choice!

Most important informations :

If you want to check fork details or fork dimensions please consult the manual section here or drop me a note.


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Retro-Himmel If you are in need to find other parts for your special bike rebuild please consider visiting, which is a fantastic source for all kind of Retro parts from about 1990-2001 in various brands, types and colours. 


  • Fully hydraulic air sprung/oil dampned multi-valve design.
  • Air spring adjustments via raised Schrader special valve.
  • On the fly damping adjustment via external knob on each fork leg at 4 positions. 

Weight : 2 lbs. 15 oz • 1332 grams (without steerer weigth). 
Steer : High strength steel with variable wall thickness in 1″ • 1 1/8″ • 1 1/4″ (for spare parts see Table 1 in Section “GENERAL INFORMATION”). 
Crown : Forged T6-6082 offset alloy, externally machined for reduced weight (for spare parts see Table 1 in Section “GENERAL INFORMATION”). 
Arch : Forged T6-6082 alloy, CNC machined for reduced weight. 
Stanchions : Hard chromed chromoly steel. 
Sliders : Forged T6-6082 alloy, CNC externally machined for reduced weight. 
Bushings : Low stiction, highly rigid, no fail internal bushing unit. 
Travel : 2 inches • 51 mm. 
Seals : Cam-designed oil seal tightens as fork compresses & relaxes as fork extends, this exclusive Marzocchi design ensures our reputation for maximum seal reliability.
Oil : Specially formulated Marzocchi oil eliminates foaming and viscosity breakdown while providing stiction free performance. SAE 20. 

[Source: 1:1 from the XC500 User Manual] 

Just to make the technique of my offered forks be clear here:
Marzocchi is a well known company in Italy and built suspension forks for motor cycles in high quality. In the beginng of the 90’s the first suspension forks for mountain bikes came to market build by Marzocchi (StarFork, PF1 etc.).

This Marzocchi forks are based on air and oil technique only. In short: the air makes the fork jumping, the oil does the damping. Means: The more air preassure, the ‘stronger’ the fork reacts. The more stiffer the oil, the more it does support the damping.
Air is adjusted through a standard automotive valve (Schrader), the damping can be adjusted using different oils (‘thinner’ vs. ‘thicker’), additionaly some of the forks have damping adjuster: little knobs which select different holes in the forks where the oil is running through.
What in all means: You can adjust this suspension forks for responsive and damping by changing air pressure, oil level and oil type. Cool, he?!

So all this forks from the 90’s, which are offered here with 24 and 26mm stanchions – let’s make it clear: this is about ALL forks BEFORE the ‘Bomber’ series – are 100% technicaly working like they came out from factory in the 90’s!! 

But hey, how on earth is that possible?, you may ask.

Yes, just thats easy to explain: Because this forks don’t have parts inside which will break (e.g. blown cartridges), wear down (e.g. aging springs) or will change it’s functions during use (e.g. catridges)!!

BTW: Except oil and seals: this have to be changed in a normal service.


Seals Assembling
When mounting the Oil Seals put crease between the inner lips of the seals before pushing the stanchions in!
Important : Use a suitable tool to press the Oil Seal verticaly in!! If you don’t do that, the metal skeleton will bend. 

Seals ‘Break-in Period’
“Some forks may require 5-10 hours of use before the fork fully breaks-in. After the bushings, seals, and other parts have matched to each other, the fork will move smoother. The tight tolerances make the fork last longer and work better.” (original text from Marzocchi Bomber Technical Information (2000) )

Knob / Dial Installation Instructions
Please glue the little screw of the dials with a little bit of middle hard screw glue. And use heat if you want to take it off than. 

Sticker Instructions
Please use the sticker only in conditions >=20°C environment to make sure the glue will work and make the tubes oil- and grease-free using isopropanol etc.

[20220114] Ebay Bewertung erhalten von Dario De Santis, Italien
Product sold : Marzocchi Bomber’s REBUILD-KIT ‘COMPLETE’ for Z1 (BAM) & Z2 (BAM) 30mm ‘classic’
“Venditore preciso e affidabile al 100% Tutto perfetto anche con piccolo regalo ?? Consigliatissimo!”

[20210911] Siro from Trieste, Italy  – Fork : Marzocchi Z3 1997
Product sold : 30mm Bomber ‘classic’ Seal kit
“Buongiorno, i pezzi per la bicicletta sono arrivati e le caramelle per me anche!!!
Buone le caramelle e anche i paraolio e para polvere, fantastici!!
Voi sapere quanto olio devo mettere dentro alle forcelle? (Marzocchi Z3 del 97)
Grazie. Un saluto da Trieste.”

[20210903] Ralf from Nürnberg, Germany – Fork : Marzocchi Z3
Product sold : Full Fork Service Z3

“Hallo Marcus, 
die Gabel ist angekommen und ich bin begeistert! Vielen Dank auch für die zusätzlichen Dichtringe und die Gummibärchen!!!
Wie kann ich die Dämpfung etwas weicher einstellen und welche Funktion haben eigentlich die Einstellschrauben jeweils auf den Standrohren?
Beste Grüße, 


Not sure about your Forks Seal size and Type???

Check my personal Marzocchi FORK <-> SEALS Database!! 

Dimensions of Marzocchi Steerer

ZollSteerer mm (top)Steerer mm (bottom)
1 "25,400 mmca. 27,20 mm
1 1/8 "28,575 mmca. 30,15 mm
1 1/4 "31,750 mmca. 33,00 mm

You will receive your goods from us fast! After receipt of payment, you can expect packaging, shipping delivery of your parcel ASAP. 
All sendings will be sent tracked! 
Shipping takes usual 1-3 days in GER using DHL, but might take longer in EU and world wide (Hermes / DHL). 
Stickers will be send by ‘Deutsche Post international registered letter’. 

Please allow 7-14 days for rebuilding depending on work load. Sometimes I need more time depending on current family needs 😏

Please allow 7-14 days for rebuilding depending on work load. Sometimes I need more time depending on current family needs 😉
Usualy shipping takes 2 days in GER using DHL, but might take longer in EU and world wide (Hermes / DHL).
I prefer always to send by tracked parcels because of insurance. Stickers will be send by 'Deutsche Post international registered letter'.
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All Seals and Spares including Stickers, Tools, Crowns, Steerer, Stanchions, Springkits etc. are available! 

(User Comments or Refrences from the net goes here …)

You will get a 100% functional Rebuild Fork, ready to mount on your bike, including:

  • new SEALS, O-Rings, conic Seal, valves
  • polished STANCHIONS
  • new SCREW SET
  • assembeld with your PERSONAL CONFIGURATION
  • ++EXTRA FREE SEAL-KIT included for your later DIY service++
  • Steerer of your choice
  • my private 6 Months GUARANTEE – please send it in, if you want me to check a problem
  • free MANUAL download
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