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Marzocchi Bomber Z1 100mm Travel Spring Update (1996 – 2002)

59,99  – 99,99 

This product is about a pair of Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Spring for Bombers with 30mm Stanchions 100mm Travel, usually known as Part No. 12 – used or new”
Check compatibility table down here!

Usualy you can identify your Springs in the Exploded Drawings for your Fork – please check the MANUALS here!!

Please ask about availability before you buy! 


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Price for all:   182,96 


Z1 Springs are for 100mm (1996+)  or 130mm travel (BAM 1999+). A Z1 spring for 100mm travel is ~181 – 185mm long (relaxed).
Standard wire diameter for Z1 with travel 100 is about ∅2,75mm.

Spring Height Z1 100mm Travel relaxed : ~181 – 187mm
Wire Diameter : div. ∅ x,xxmm

20220616 / mkr : Because of a current customer experience :

  • All this springs are originals from Marzocchi Z1 only! Don’t wonder : I have about 30-40 Z1 in stock for Spares and Rebuilds.
  • As written above in the product text this product will be sent new or used. I have some very limited NEW ones to sell, but will keep the last examples as master parts for reproductions. So I sell this originals ones from Z1 and Z2, which I have sorted by diameter measurement.
  • The ‘NEW!’ on the main prodcut picture indicates a ‘new product in store’, not a ‘new spring set’ in all – a common shop product tag.
  • Also for your information: only the after market spring sets have been coloured completly, the others are standard black (⇒ picture). They standard black ones might have a little coloured mark on the top (picture included) or not. You can simply identify the sprongs type by measuring the wire diameter! Standard diameter for Z1 100mm travel is ⊘2,75mm, the red ones have ⊘3,20mm.
  • Also please understand : all this springs are not made out of stainless steel, like most of all springs! That means they become a little rusty on the surface in minutes, if you take them out of the oil bath, which is absolutly normal. They will be send to you un-cleaned in a 90um bag to keep some oil on the surface.
  • If you have any other expections or detail questions please ask before you buy, thanks!

Compatibel Marzocchi Forks 100mm : 

Year Fork Model
1996 Z1 100
1999 Z1 BAM 100
1999 Z3 LT
1999 Z3 QR20 MT
2000 Z1 CR
2000 Z1 Drop Off
2000 Z3 QR20
2000 Z1 MCR
2000 Z5 QR20 Accciaio
2000 Z3.5 Specialized
2001 Drop Off MQR20 + c.110
2001 Z3 Molla c.100
2001 Z5 Molla c.100
2001 Z3 MQR20 + c.110
2001 RAC Free Ride c.100
2002 Z1 Drop Off c.110
2002 Z1 Drop Off MQR20 + c.100
2002 Z2 Atom Race Coil c.110
2002 Z2 Atom Race c.110
2002 MXC Coil c.100
2002 MXC Coil SSVF c.100
2002 MXR SSVF c.100
2002 MXR Coil Ext. Preload SSVF c.110
2002 Dirt Jumper I MQR20 + c.110
2002 Dirt Jumper II c.110
2002 Z1 Wedge c.110
2002 Z1 Free Ride c.110
2002 Z1 Free Ride MQR20 + c.110


Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3 cm
Spring Type

5141156 blue (standard), 5141112 yellow k=3,5, 5141113 white k=4, 514114 red k=4,7, 5141190 green k=5


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