ROCO Shock TOOL time!! 🔧🦾👻

Another sample of DIY if you need it & you don’t get support from the original manufacturer anymore!! grrrr. 🙄

This tool is used in a lot of ROCO’s from 2007 up to 2015 (!) and is not available anymore. It’s for SALE!

Orig. no. R5223/C>A ‘COVER PILOT BUSHING KEY’ also named ‘Air Main Chamber Wrench’.

My intention was to check 3D CAD modelling, if this can be done as it is not a simple part. After we made it, we decided to create a milled prototype to test the dimensions – that’s a common & absolut needed task, but sometimes too time and costs intensive.

With the help of a friend (thanks, Michael!!) we did a prototype and learnt, that the 3D modell and all dimensions are as it best.

It’s made out of well known air plane metal Aluminium 7075 and has been produced in Germany. We will do a small series. If you need one, please drop me a note!!🖐

Forza ragazzi!! 🖖🤙🙏🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🏆
We still care about Marzocchi! 🔧🔧🦾💕

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