I have received the 1st set of tools I created the 3D models for. Found a very cool guy who did the turning and milling for me, as he has better machines for it THANKS, Wolfgang!!

I got the idea to do also the tools during working on my30mm Bomber Seals Project‘ which means I’m doing a  1:1 reproduction of seals).

This are 2 handy tools for servicing Bombers (here: for 30mm Bombers only, other dimensions will follow) which are very helpful in 2 ways:

  1. By using the Slider Protector you can lever the oil seal without damaging the slider 
  2. With the Oil Seal Insertion Tool you can press the oil- and the dust seal in a defined way (verticaly, evenly). 

I show you the originals from Mazocchi, which are very expensive :

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”77″ sortorder=”755,752,753,758,754,756,757,751″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″] This gallery is about the optimized tools I have created now :

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”78″ sortorder=”759,774,760,761,762,773,771,772,767,769,770,768″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]



  • my Slider Protector is more flat to make it more easiert to lever the oil seal out
  • my slider protector is for the older slider (single ones) only! It does not work for the different M-Arch types!!
  • the Slider Protector has a larger outside diameter : so you can hold it better in hand, lying on the slider, and have better support for your lever (the screwdriver?)
  • the Oil Seal Insertion Tool is made out of high-impact plastic to protect seals & bushings (the original one was out of metal and had not that smooth surface. As you push it into the bushing during oil seal press-in I was afraid of damaging the bushing!)

I’m planing to offer ‘All-Inclusive-Service-Kits’ means : Bomber Seal Kit + Tools to do your own service. 


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