While thinking about my Parts and Reproductions 2 days ago I had the idea to create a Products Bundle, to build something practical for Marzocchi Fork Owners, who want to do a complete rebuild and get a huge Discount by ordering it all in a Set.

Question : So what do users need to do a Rebuild of such an early Z1 (BAM) oder Z2 (BAM) from about 1996 – 1999?

Answer: We need Seals, Tools and some of the small Bits which always get broke or are corroded. 

Easy going, we have it all here. 😃😏 I named it REBUILD Kit ‘complete’ for Z1 & Z2.

The product has been available 2 days online and I already sold 2 Sets°
Happy me : we saved some more older Marzochi Forks!! 😏🛠✔🚲 

What is included??

  • 2x!! Marzocchi Bomber 30mm Seal-Kits ‘classic’ – YES! 2x Sets of Seals! As you now own the Tools, you can do your next Service in a few Years also!(Oil- and Dust-Seals) [classic = Dust Seal with edge]
  • 1x Spare Parts Kit with all the small bits which get broken over the years! (O-, Wire-, Snap-Rings, Knob-Screws; the metall parts in this are made out of stainless steel!)
  • 1x Slider Protector Tool v2.0 (to take the Oil Seals out without damaging the Sliders! V2.0 = the blue one, anodized & engraved)
  • 1x Oil Seal Insertion Tool 30mm (to press the Oil Seal vertically into the Slider easyly!)
  • 1x Full Set of Screws (stainless steel!)


REBUILD Kit ‘complete’ for Z1 & Z2 : Marzocchi Bomber 30mm ‘Classic’

I might add Kits for other older Marzocchi as well, but I need some Feedback …

Something what I also might add are new Stickers for Z1 / Z2. Still thinking about …

Happy Biking using your Rebuilded Marzocchi!!

All the Best!


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