I managed to create the 3D CAD Model + Drawing and will now try to produce a batch of this FS to IS Disc Adapter out of aluminium 6061.

As you might know there are a lot of early Z1 and Z2 forks outside, which have FS (Formular) Disc Mounts, which have been the up-to-date when Marzocchi produced the first Z1 Bombers starting in 1996/1997.
I have about 40x early Z1 and Z2 in stock and for me this is an option for customers, who want such a fork for their 90’s Bike Projects – like the Canti Hanger I have also created for the ones  wanted to use Z1/Z2 with standard Cantilever Brakes (no V-Brake).

This well known adapter is in form & geometry similiar to one of the older Magura ones which have been used to mount Gustav …on the Z1. The idea is, to take this and when your disc brake does not fit excactly you need to grind it a little, as the basic dimensions will fit.


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