Marzocchi Bomber 30mm Seal-Kits v2.0!!💖🖐✨🦾🤙
Arrived today : The next batch of all 30mm Seals for Marzocchi Forks using 30mm Stanchions – all 3 types : Oil-, Dustseal ‘classic’, Dustseal ‘m-arch’!!
The 30mm Seals have been sold best in the last 2 years. I’d like to show you all the pictures I have received from all you happy Marzocchi Owners but I simply can’t do that because of that huge amount.🙄🙏😇
Unbelievable that there are still sooooooo many Marzocchi Forks out there still moving in the world on streets, trails and DH!🚀✨🥇🤙
This is a very productive week in incommings – more to come 😱😏🤙
Marzocchi Bomber 30mm Seals v2.0 2023
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