Aluminium Ahead Steerer Project finished!!✨🙏🤙

This Steerers made out of 7075 are one of the parts I wanted to do a long time. You probably know that aluminium steerer nowadays are produced by extruding, they lack a good surface, geometry & tolerances, means : you can’t press it well!
You can read in my BLOG about some details, as usual there are msome morte informations about my projects.

I created my own Steerer using the older Marzocchi lathed Steerer as a base, it is with optimized tolerances for save pressing, a conic middle part to take forces in a better way and in all it has a very little enhanced wall thickness.

In the end we polished and anodized it black, which makes it very special ✨🤣🤣.
Thanks to all Pre-Buyers and your patience – you see we are in the end now, just need some days to deliver to me and I send ASAP!🙏🤙
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COLLAGE DR-ZOCCHI Ahead Steerer 1,25 Alu 7075 250mm black
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