As some of know I did a small retro production of the Bomber’s candi hanger in milling some times ago, 10 or 20 pieces, and was realy  happy to sell them to fix the basic costs. This milling project was only possible to do because of a friendly guy, who was motivated and had fun with it’s milling problems. But he will not do more because of costs.
Since I’m still thinking about replacements, as I need them now for my various Bomber rebuilds and to fullfill other requests

In the moment I’m in rebuilding 30mm Bomber seals and reprinting sticker for the older XC series forks (XC600, XC700, DH3), which have a real ‘silver’ in the colour palette. This eats most of my free time. 

My last try in rebuilding was this candi hanger as a test part using 3D Printing Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), this one is made out of aluminium powder, 4 pieces took 9 hours, slides are possible from 0,05 bis 0,2 mm. This one has used 0,2mm and have been sandblasted for the finish. A friend of mine has access to such a machine and made one as a gift for me. I’m realy that fascinated!
The 3D CAD Modell lacks some minor features, but for a test this was o.k. We needed to change the model a little, because without this changes it is classified as ‘milling part’ and where not allowed to produce. It has been sandblasted for better optical looking. 

Here are some more impressions:

[modula id=”8318″] Conclusion: 3D printing using SLS is absolutly great! The parts are very strong, like full metall parts. You can also use titanium instead of aluminium powder. But it is expensive! If you have a friend, who is willing to do it for you, it is o.k. If you want to do a small series it is not the right way. 
Some sorts of plastic may be an alternative if you can’t do it in another way. But that’s not what I want to do : I want it better!

I think I need to do that, I will reproduce the Bombers’s candi hanger again, I do not know for sure, but this time I’m willing to try it with casting. 🙂 

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