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Marzocchi compatible Bomber’s Knob (1996 – 2006+) (1 pcs)


This product is about the well known Bomber Rebound/Preload Knobs, which had been developed by Marzocchi in different colours and forms for a lot of early Bomber’s (1996 – 2006).

We have selected 4 of the first variants for a first reproduction including some optimizing like cool laser engravement :

  • red round one with straight knurl on the side
  • blue ones with 2 flat sides with logo
  • red ones with 2 flat sides with logo
  • black ones with 2 flat sides with logo
Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
2 - 3 20% 15,92 
4 - 9 27.5% 14,43 
10 + 35% 12,94 


Better than the original : Made from Aluminium, anodized, laser engraved, knurled (only the round one)!!

*1 The original re Z1 Knob from 1996 & 1997 has a text on a sticker glued on the knop, this new remastered version has a high quality text laser engraving! Used for early Z1’s and Z2’s in 1996 – 1997+, text on the knob : Rebound +/- , Preload +/-   

All Knobs shipped include an allen set screw made from stainless steel!

Price is per piece!
There is a discount if buying >1 Knob, please have a look at the discount table.
Mass buyer >10 please request a quote using contact form! 

Compatible known Marzocchi Knob Part No’s are : 

  • Knob red upper mech Preload (1996 – 1997+) : Art. No. 850239, replaces 549043KR (the round one on early Z1 and Z2)
  • Knob blue upper mech Preload (~1997 – 2001+) : Art. No. 549062KM etc., replaces 549062LA
  • Knob red upper mech Preload (~2001 – 2006+) : Art. No. 549062, replaces 549062KM
  • Knob black upper mech Preload (~2001 – 2006+) : Art. No. 549062LA, replaces 549062KM

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
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red, round (early Z1 style), red, flat sites, blue, flat sites, black, flat sites

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