Just to let you now : I finished my testproject about seals reproduction in Aisa and receiced the results – the 26mm oil seal with my own branding – this week. Happy me we can continue to service a lot of the older XC Marzocchi forks! 🙂

As you can read on some of my other posts I needed to find another company to do my seal reproductions. My old producer – who did reproductions in 24 and 26mm seals – ‘died’ somehow in communication. Sadly they did not answer any posts or calls. I don’t know what happend. 

The result is excelent! Look at it your self! 

I did some tests about mounting the seals in and out in sliders, with/without stanchions and I looked inside to check and compare the metal sceleton with the original ones – it’s all good!!

Following I will do the 30mm Marzocchi Bomber Seals (classic & M-Arch) (<– you can do a simple reservation here!) with this new producer. This is now my main focus. It will take another while, but I hope it works. 

Also already finished are tools for the 30mm Bomber seals : Oil Seal Insertion Tool and Slider Protector. They are waiting for the seals and will be sold in kits sogether! 


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