Another Marzocchi friend is Max from Raleigh, NC, in USA who owns a PF1 – as we found out after emailing and exchanging drawings and pitures over some weeks – and he is on the way to service it.

Our problem was the dissassembling. In the end we found out that there are 2 snap rings installed: one unter the oil seal and one over it. All the other Marzocchi forks from the 90’s which had been build after the PF1 (and from what we know yet XC100 also) have only one snap ring above the oil seal, which holds the oil seal in place.

So what you have to do is:

  1. take the first snap ring out
  2. find a way to carefully grab/move/screw the oil seal out from top by using some force. Ask Google how to get a seal out – it will help via YouTube or other web resources
  3. you will be able to take the second snap ring out and viola … you can
  4. pull out the stanchion tube.

We should have known this earlier by having a more deeper look to a very nice picture Mike from USA send me some time ago, when he serviced his PF1.

I have some photos from Max which I will include shortly and hopefully Max will send us some more about his service 😉
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