To be honest, I don’t know much about this forks. It is a elastomer fork with 24mm stanchions and Marzocchi buildt it around 1995/1996. 

Travel: ZOKES 2/ZOKES-PRO: 52 mm (2 inches), ZOKES TREKKING: 42 
mm (1.5 inches) 

Weight : 1.400 – 1.500 gr

I own 2 service boxes by accident, look at the pictures. The fork uses a standard 24mm Marzocchi oil seal. 


Damping is done by compact-polyurethane elastomer shims with varying hardness. MARZOCCHI supplies elastomers with varying hardness. Each type is color-coded :

                      • RED : medium hardness
                      • YELLOW : soft
                      • BLUE : hard




ZOKES-PRO has knobs on top of the stanchions to adjust increase or decrease preload, ZOKES 2 and ZOKES TREKKING turn the screw (332) inside the

There is a mechanical spring for rebound end of stroke in the fork (20-30mm). 

Looks like there is a conversion kit available to exchange the elastomer against springs : 

Manual :

Service Boxes :

Driver : 


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