Marzocchi 35mmUntil the Seals arrive here I will sell this Seal-Kits for a Special 🚀🚀 Price to all Pre-Sellers!!!

This is about a 100% full compatible Seal-Kit comparable to Marzocchi Art.-No. 850716/P.
It has been done by a seal specialist in Asia which produces seals products worldwide for well known automotive companies. Seals are 100% comparable with latest Marzocchi Developement Status and some minor optimizing changes.

Seal Kit includes := 2 Outer Dust Seals (classic : with edge) + 2 Inner Oil Seals + 1 Travel Check O-Ring for one Stanchion to see the compression distance (travel).

Also tools and DYI Kits will be available!

Oil and Dust seal compatibility (35mm) :

  • 528034/B Oil seal
  • 533167 Dust seal
  • 850716 Oil & Dust Seal Kit – also named ‘Shiver Seals Kit’
  • 850716/C Oil & Dust Seal Kit
  • »» 850716/P Oil & Dust Seal Kit ««
  • 8507014/P Oil and Dust Seal Kit – comes with and without ‘2009’, Seal Colour is black
  • 8507014/P Oil and Dust Seal Kit – SKF green (1 Lip on the Dust Seal only!!) (*)
  • 8507035/P, Oil and Dust Seal Kit, replaces 850716/P, 850716, 8507014/P, red
  • 8501402, replace: 850716/P , 8507035/P

(*) 8507014/P : green SKF Seals material is known to be good. 
Here is the BUT : It is the meaning of many Bike Shops and my own, that the green dust seals 8507014 are not they good as the 850716 ones from Marzocchi. For some reasons SK# dropped  the 2nd inner lip which is used to protect the incomming of outer dust. I think they did it for gliding and friction purposes and for sure for some marketing hypes.  YES, the green SK# has less  friction, BUT it does not protect that much against outer mud any more!! 🙄⛑🔧🙏
As this (the 2nd lip) is some of the most important features in ALL older seals types – which has been copied by various other brands and seals types – and as I have seen such green forks with lots of mud inside I decided to go the Marzocchi style including the 2nd lip!!🦾

Models : All models with 35mm stanchions

Here you can ask my Marzocchi Database about your Fork an Seal Size. 

Product Page including Forks list :

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