FedEx did a hero thing and delivered a nice parcel with this ECC ETA Levers (and the Ahead Steerer) todays morning (3 Days from China!)🚀⚡🥇🤙

You probably know this levers Marzocchi developed starting with the ECC cartridges, later ETA ones also. The first where made out of plastic (black) and get constantly broken, later they built this ones out of Aluminium.

It’ always nice to do a 3D CAD Model and send it to production. There are always some small details you have to learn in every production, that’s what I like most.
The later when it arrives it is always a big surprise and if it is all good, fits the needs, it is Heaven + Xmas.✨🎄🔧

=> You can shop it here, in anodized silver or black; discount starting with 2 pcs!

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