This is about the Marzocchi Bomber Canti Hanger, introduced into the market with the legendary Bomber Z1 in 1996. It is a very rare part nowdays and as I like to do Bomber rebuilds I’m simply in need 😏😏🔧

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 1996

Over the years I run through some projects, because byside the needs for rebuilds I was interested, how this can be done!? I did Prototyping in running a milling project (thanks Martin!), a 3D Printing one using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) – using a Trumpf TruPrint 1000 & Aluminium Powder – (thanks Rolf!) and some tries in 3D Printing using different Filaments (no pictures, sorry).
I also did a full 3D Scan Project – using a High Precision Optical 360 ° 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine – VL-500 – KEYENCE – to create a better model or create milling koordinates from it (the blue one, thanks Michael!).

What you can see here is a very advanced 3D model, almost very close to the original one! Of course to do a real production a detailed model needed to be created first (the old one misses some features and were a ‘quick hack’ just for prototyping).

Will be an interesting Project. Please cross your fingers!! 😏👍🤞🔧👁💕

  Marzocci Bomber Candi Hanger Project NGMarzocchi Bomber Candi Hanger 3D Scan







Marzocchi Bomber Candi Hanger Milling Project



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