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I did another Insta post here 2 days ago : 

Another Custom Retro Rebuild-Kit for Marzocchi XC100 sold to Luis in Mexico. 🎈🛠🔧
The kit also includes screws and my Air Cap Puller Tool to handle the Air Cap without damages. 🙏🦾

Marzocchi XC100Marzocchi XC100 is a fork from 1991/92, very rare. As most of the Marzocchi’s around that years it has 51mm travel and Oil- / Air Suspension. The sliders are anodized. You can adjust by Oil-Level, Oil-Type and Air-Pressure, you can find a Manual in my Marzocchi Manuals Repository.

A very tricky detail is the second security ring under the Oil-Seal – it’s the only Marzocchi Fork which has this unique Feature making people going mad during disassembling 🙄😉⚒

The 2nd picture shows a nice XC100, it is not the one from Luis, but hopefully his XC100 will look like the same way that good! 💎🎏

Have fun with your Marzocchi! 🔧👍🚴‍♀️💕

#DrMarzocchiSeals 🎈
#DrMarzocchiRetroParts 🎈
#DrMarzocchiRebuilds 🎈

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