As you might now if you follow my blog posts I did a lot of reproductions (seals, sticker, tools, etc.) in the last months and I’m currently awaiting the Marzocchi 30mm Bomber seals – they are currently in production and I hope to have them here in the end of Aprilย  or in May.

I started a few month ago with this to make some simple marketing and let interested people add there reservations into a mailinglist. I did this by using this web form.
I’d like to be able to sell some seals when production results have been arrived and tested here – just to cover some amount of costs.

I think I’d also like to have all customers to buy the 30mm Bomber Seal Kits in My Shop, because of all the data & order handling and shipping things. From the Shop I can control paypment things and print shipping labels in a minute, so every order can be processed as fast as possible!

But My Shop lacks some cool features, especialy features to have discounts (bulk & shipping rates, product related discounts) and a goodie for customers, who have reserved (I’d like to have them somehow discount!).
Also I like to have some comfort options for customers.

So this was my to do list from this weekend:

News Customer Features

+ ‘Request a Quote for WooCommerce’ – Feel free to ask for your price!

  • you can now ask for a quote for a single or a list of product(s) –ย It’s not all about money!

+ Customers ‘My Wishlist’ :

  • add the products of your interest in a list and keep it for later
  • add products from the wishlist to Basket
  • share a link to your wishlist anywhere


+ Frequently Bought Together

  • products to you will be shown for your product seletion, e.g. if you have selected a ‘Rebuild XC500 blue’ the shop will offer you a seal kit, tools, sticker and the manual. You can add all of it into your basket just with one click! It has been not configured for all products, but I will do.

+ Some Shipping cost rules :

  • bulk discounts for Bomber 30mm Seals
  • free Shipping in DE for Shopping >=200โ‚ฌ
  • free Seal Kit if you buy one of my REBUILDs!!
  • buy a 30mm Bomber Seal Kit and get 20% Discount for the 30mm Oil Seal Insertion Tool (‘classic’ & ‘M-Arch’)
  • buy a 30mm Bomber Seal Kit and get 20% Discount for the 30mm Slider Protector Tool (‘classic’ only)

Bugs fixed :

  • caching problems
  • reCaptcha v3
  • mailing problems (shop, contact)
  • gallery problem -> changed from NextGEN to Modula gallery plugin using the integrated gallery converter (!)
  • printing shipping Labels using DHL (DE) directly from a shop order


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