You probably know, that Eb#y changed another time it’s rulez including the price model and changing the way of paying. You can ask the net about, I don’t want to discuss here.

To be honest: I liked Eb#y over this many years and I sold a lot of things. It’s o.k. to pay some %%%  from each sell to get all this international audience. Having that Eb#y shop in the past was too expensive for me, so I canceled it some years ago. But selling some products it was always o.k. for me. I think Eb#y earnt a lot of EUR with my multiple accounts.

But what realy pissed me off is this behaviour :

  • I like to decide my own how the way of paying is!!
  • From today they blocked my auctions, because I had to give more informations and I don’t want to. Why in heaven? You already have more than you need!!
  • They are pressing the users : “Hey, we don’t ask you, take it or you are not allowed to continue!”. That’s a modern art of blackmailing!!
  • Eb## is pressing you to aggree to allow payments FROM your bank account and TO your bank account. Means the like to act as they want to do : sending money, and if they think they need it : grabbing money from your bank account!!
  • more badly they are adding tax, provision etc.
  • an example : I have an Eb## selling online with a part costing 39,90€ each.
    – Someone buys 2 of it and 10€ is international shipping.
    – so Eb## caclulates 90,80€ as basis.
    – Selling provision variable : 4,20€
    – International fee : 1,50€
    – Selling provision (per order) : 0,29€
    – Value added tax : 2,23€
      ==> so Eb## Fee averall is : 13,91€.   WOUH! I’m that speechless …
  • So if I recalculate my auctions € Eb## I need to add this Fee’s (13,91€) to my products. Understand the F###### – Eb## – System???! 

Well ….  I say ….


So I will continue with my own shop from now. It is easier, is more comfortable & flexible regarding price rulez, has an included wish list and many more. And because it is an alomost open and free system, it is save and I can enhance and change like I like to do at any time I want.
That’s it!


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