Here you can see the parts I selected for another rebuild of a XC500 blue this weekend. Seals are original ones from Marzocchi, all parts have been intensively cleaned and dried by compressed air carefully.
The new decals are missing on the picture.
If I do the rebuild I usualy collect all fork parts of the type of fork I want to rebuild, than I select the best of it and do the rebuild.

For most of the parts I have rebuilding is somehow easy, because over the years I spend a lot of weekends to dissassemble the forks and cleaned it.

Somewhen in the past I decided to do so, because a lot of forks are failed ones, means they are heavily corroded because of water or abrasive damaged because of less/no oil inside the fork.
Don’t forget this are forks from the 90’s – some are more than 20 years old!! For some rebuilds I do need 1-4 source forks, this makes rebuilds somehow expensive – all of them had to be paid … – and very work intensive. You might understand now better about costs.

This (dissassembling) happens to most of the XC400, XC500, XC600, XC700, DH3 and some others I have. I still have some boxes with forks, which I did not worked on, e.g. XCR and some special older ones from the beginning of the 90’s, e.g. XC50H, PF1, XC300 …

So starting a rebuild (or a repair, if I need replacement parts) is somehow going shopping in my private supermarket, just grabbing some pieces from the shelves here and there  😉

So: If you have some older Marzocchi and you are don’t need it anymore, please contact me. I will take the shipping costs of course and hopefully we can use some of it’s parts for another rebuild. Please use the contact form by using the link on the top of the page.


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