Z1 Knob 1996 3D CADUpdate in the ‘Marzocchi Knobs’ Project! Production has been finished, will be shipped shortly.
(Update : shipped 20211229, arrival expected 20220104!).

You probably know that Marzocchi developed a huge number of Knobs with all the forks, some knobs are not longer available in the market. And Marzocchi / FOX dropped all support for forks <=2018.
So with this reproduction we like to address the early Bombers starting in 1996. AFAIK this knobs have been used in Bomber’s until 2006.

This is a first batch of Knobs Production – 4 different in a row!  👍😉🎁🔧 Knob Models 3D CAD

We started from here : https://dr-zocchi.projectweb.de/a-new-project-guess-what/ 

Here is the Link into my Shop including a discount table.

AFAIK this product will be available also in USA based on some cooperations. More informations will come later.

Marzocchi Knobs Production Result before Shipping

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