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I need to start my 3rd production project, because I’m running out of 26mm oil seals.  :-/

As I already did 2 production projects in the past with almost excelent results I’m starting now a 3rd one.

This are the ones I finished in the past: 

  • 26 mm outer Dust Seal –
  • 24 mm outer Dust Seal –

I’m realy, realy happy about it. I had a loooooot of luck to find a suitable and perfect working producer! But especialy the 26 mm outer dust seals are nearly out now. 

Also other seals are going out now, so my plans for the next ones I want to reproduce are after this ine has finished: 

  • 26 mm outer Dust Seal – (for XC600 / XC700 / XCR / DH3)
  • Conic Lip seal fĂŒr 26mm Forks (for XC600 / XC700)

Please keep your fingers crossed that the production will fit out needs as the ones before. 🙂 🙂

Munter bleiben!



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