I’m in creating new products for Marzocchi SHIVER and MONSTER Forks : I’d like to have Extended Repair-Kits in my Shop. Main parts in this sets are the new seals – for the SHIVERs the 35mm for SHIVER are in stock – so let’s find other bits & parts, which are usefull and can be included in such kits.

This are the original Marzocchi Repair-Kits including :

  • 2x oil seals
  • 2x dust seals
  • 2x o-ring top cap
  • 2x o-ring foot nut
  • 2x upper bushings
  • 2x lower bushings

Marzocchi SHIVER 850717 original Marzocchi MONSTER Repair Kit 850717










I like to extend with the following parts :

  • black Knobs including stainless steel allen hex key
  • complete screw set ??
  • cartridge o-rings (needle & top head)
  • top security C-clip stainless steel
  • new bumpers??
  • may be stickers??

Open for suggestions. Please drop me a note!


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