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Seal Kit Compatibility


Oil and Dust seal compatibility for Marzocchi 24 and 26mm seals from the 90’s. 


24mm Seals

528153 Oil Seal
533217 Dust Seal
8501557/C Oil and Dust Seal Kit

Marzocchi Fork Models: Star Fork, PF1, MX100, XC200, XC250, XC50, XC51, XC50H, XC100, XC150, XC300, XC400, XC500, EGS (Giant), KĂ€stle HDB 01 (aka XC500) a.o.


26mm Seals

528219 Oil Seal
528191 Oil Seal (new design by Marzocchi)
533248 Dust Seal
850564/C Oil and Dust Seal Kit

Marzocchi Fork Models: XC600, XC700, XCR, XCR/Nitro, DH3, KĂ€stle HDB 01  (aka XC600), Fuchs Sport (akĂ  XC600) a.o.



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