As you might know I’m after parts for my Z1 (BAM) / Z2 (BAM) rebuilds. Often some simple parts are missing or broken and need to be exchanged.

When I decided to do this Spare Parts Set for Marzocchi Bomber’s Z1 / Z2 (+BAM) not only for my rebuilds but also for Sale for everyone I was in need of the top Snap Ring, called Savety Ring (1) in Marzocchi exploded diagrams. It will be snaped into the top Cap (5) and holds the stanchion in the crown, if you have not screwed the bolts.
It will fit in a lot of Marzocchi forks using 30mm stanchions, but not in the M-Arch types. 2 pcs are included in this sets!

Unfortunately this is not a Norm / DIN part with it’s dimensions, so I had to search for custom production and viola : here it is! Made in China, stainless steel 304, polished, ends rounded, looks and feels better than the originals!

And – WOUh! – it took 9 days from order in China to have it here in my hands. That’s absolutly great!

Happy me and happy all Marzocchi’s who need it!! 🤗


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