This spare parts will be out of stock in a few weeks, to be more precise : This parts are sold out worldwide (and Marzocchi/Fox is not interested in supporting this older forks anymore)!

As you might know I have done reproductions for almost all 24 and 26mm seals over the last years. So as I like to continue offering Full Service Kits for 24 and 26 mm forks for everyone it’s time to find replacement spares. 😏🔧

This is it about (from left to right) :

  • Snap Rings 24mm – parts no. 38 & 38H (all Marzocchi forks using 24mm stanchions : XC500, XC400, XC300, XC250, XC200, XC100, MX100, PF1, StarFork)
  • Snap Rings 26mm – parts no. 37 & 37H (all Marzocchi forks using 26mm stanchions : XC600, XC700, XCR, DH3)
  • Conic Lip Seal – part no. 313 (XC600, XC700)

The both thinner wire snap rings for 24 & 26mm (38, 38H) and the conic lip seal (313) are in (re-)production now! For the bigger snap rings (38) I found replacement parts. 🤗🧷🛠

Consult the manuals section if you want to compare parts out of your fork in detail.

This Replacement Parts are partly content of this Seal Kits : 



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