As Marzocchi sold a lot of fork crowns with pressed in steerer, I always liked the idea to have a press ready to do such services for my older Marzocchi XC forks. I did it in the past, but lost my older press some years ago (broken).

And over the years I received a lot of requests about pressing and I was always sorry to say: “Can’t do it, sorry”. 

So, I already bought a new 20t hydraulic workshop press for my tooling place for my car repairs, the forks and other tasks. I already mounted it and did a series press-out and -ins for the older XC series (24 / 26mm) and e.g. a lot of 1 1/4″ Bomber crowns I still own and as I also have the suitable steerers. 

I also created some heavy pressing tools to be need especialy foor pressing the steerer out as this is the more complicated task. The crown has to be supported massive in geometry or it will crack by high chance. 

Happy to be able now, it is very easy if you own the right toolings. 😉

I’m offering a product in my shop. Please ask, if you have any questions about!

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