So far reproduction of the Bomber Canti Hanger are in progress, 2 masterparts have been made, they are functional and good …I received some orders (thank’s buddies, please be patient another while!) being able to pay the basic part I thought about my needs by servicing XC forks and needed parts.

From the spare parts view I’ll be almost near being out of the upper air caps for both 24 and 26mm XC forks. I do need this caps for exchange for forks, which are heavily corroded. During doing a service I will exchanges this air caps for free, it is included in the service fee.
As this is not a difficult nor a very expensive tasks, I will order this at first – thanks to my production partner Martin and his excellent metal tooling experiences!

2nd project might be the reproduction of the outer XC500 dust seal. The reproduction of the 26mm outer dust seal worked as best (I already serviced some XC600 and XC700 and I’m very happy that seals are working very well as expected!), so I will try to sell some of it more and than make the next step to this.

Happy riding!


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