As you might now I did a rebuild with this old frame from the 90’s. I bought Magura hydraulic brakes 10th Edition with Stahlflex brake lines because of the red anodized levers. 

In the end I exchanged the black Evo I adapter against grey ones, exchanged the ugly carbon brake booster  against red ones from Magura Evolution Series (red with holes) and after fidling around with the handlebar – I do need something higher because of problems with my neck & wrist – I need to change the front Stahlflex brake line : mine was too short. Argha!!

New Stahlflex is no problem – if you can pay it 🙂 But IF you can pay it, you will receive an article in fantastic quality – ready to mount and have fun!! Mr. Fabian Spiegler – who remembers the 10th Edition – was very helpfull talking on the phone with me about details. I changed both front lines, the one to the lever and the short one, which connects the 2 brake pistons (in my case 240 and 640 mm length).

Here is the result old/new : 

  • the new one are a little bit thicker in diameter (ca. 5mm old ones, 6mm the newer ones)
  • one site is rotatable
  • Connectors:
    • AG M6 x 1
    • AG M8 x 0,75  (AG = external thread)
  • there is a transparent tube over it (old had metall on the outside) – to lucky us we don’t need any transparent tubes an crital frame positions to protect against scraping
  • both ends are pressed (you can’t shorten it!) – old one has one end with union nut on the brake
  • you can’t line it through frame mounts anymore :-/ I don’t need it for my front brakes, but for my back ones!?


Sources :

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