What do we have here? Well, if you own a lot of forks from a special types you have the advantage to compare details.
If you reader can add usefull content or corrections please mail me!

This Post is about the early Marzocchi Bomber Z2. I think I currently own 8-10 red ones, 2 yellow, 1 white one and some which had been sprayed (mostly very ugly ones ;-).

What we can see here :

  • Age : Left is the oldest, starting with Z2 (1997++) and right is the latest, with Z2 BAM (1999++).
  • Colour: Look at the colours : you can see, the both right ones have a red colour which is alittle bit lioghter and has a metallic effect.
  • Form : Compared the Z2 and the Z2 BAM most of the inner parts are the same, we know bushings are somehow optimized (holes), the top caps are more flat and a little lighter, the arch has been more CNC machined, but from what I know stanchions and cartridges + other parts are the same.
  • Form 2 : look at the bottom. You can see Marzocchi changed the sliders, they extended the bottom tube. I don’t know why, maybe for optimising strangeness or may be because of changing the disc adapter type?
  • Sticker : Also stickers have been changed, first they modernized the red one than the also changed the main colour from red to blue.
  • Disc Mounts : That was the basic reason I’m doing this : While all of this have Canti Sockets …
    • the very left slider has no Disc Mounts.
    • 2nd from left has the Formular FS standard (which was very modern at that time) having 48,55 mm distance center to center and 5,2mm holes.
    • 3rd and 4th have IS 2000 Standard having 51mm center to center mounts with 6,0mm holes.



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