If you follow my blog or read me somewhere else you probably know, that I’m in reproductions – mainly tools and seals for the older Zocchi’s.

Parallel to my Reproduction of the 32mm Bomber Seals I thought about what users need most and the answer for me was clear : Users want to have it nice and easy and all in one (aká ‘Rebuild Kit Complete’), means : if someone want’s to service his fork he probably wants all this in one sending to a BEST PRICE :

  1. Seals – and 2 Kits are better than one!!
  2. Tools (Slider Protector and Oil Seal Insertion Tool to be be able to take old seals out and new ones in)
  3. Other Parts (O-Rings, Clips, Security Rings etc.)
  4. Screws – best is a set with screws – better stainless steel
  5. Manual

I have most of it (mainly for the older Z1 and Z2), when this sending will arrive. It includes the Slider Protectors Tools for all 32 & 32mm Forks with M-Arch Design in my own Brand.

You can view this Kits here :

Here are the ‘Complete Rebuild Kits’ for 30 and 32mm listed :




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