Just a short information here : I have been told today that my procuction has been finished, means 4000 seals have been produced: 1000 Outer Dust Seals classic, 2000 inner Oil Seals and 1000 Outer Dust Seals M-Arch.

They will now be shipped, hope my shipping box can fly fast 😉✔ After arrival I will check dimensions and conditions. I will do a cut through some samples to inspect the metal sceleton inside, look them through so find fails and will do about a dozen mounts to see it’s conditions.

I’ll be happy, when they arrived and all is good! I have little reason to doubt it because the previous production using this manufacture from the last months resulted in excellent product quality!! 👍👌✔

You can do shopping now, please  😇🤗🎈


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