I’m in this Marzocchi Maniac thing for more than 20 years. Let me ask you a question : Have you ever wondered about Marzocchi TT10??

TT10 Manual CoverSearch the net and other sources for about 20 years, you will not find a single pic or some relevant informations about the TT10. There are only low level suppositions available.

Only the composed Marzocchi about MX100 – PF1 – TT10 shows, that this fork somewhere did exist. I have seen a lot of forks from the time in the beginning of 1900 : StarFork, PF1, MX100, XC100, XC150, XC250, XC300, XC400, XC50/50H, XC51 and all the later stuff. You can find it often on the net and I had a lot of this forks here to service it.  🔧🛠😉🧷👍💖

I read this posting @RetroBike, a most helpfull forum where you can find a lot of great retro gurus, informations & retro parts and again I looked through my boxes, pictures, manuals, boxes etc. wondering about the existence of the TT10.

Look at this comparisment I created about fork details from that time (1991).

It compares the insides of PF1, MX100, TT10 and XC100

Marzocchi TT10 Mysterium

As you can see the Marzocchi TT10 is absolut identical to Marzocchi XC100 in all details!! 👌🎈🤞
Why should a company sell the same fork under 2 different names? All the other developed Marzocchi forks have always little changes in design & function. 

So the idea is simple : Marzocchi changed the name of the TT10 to XC100!

What do you think about? Drop me a note or post here .


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