O.k., here we are again. for more than 10 years I had this idea to reprint decals for my older Marzocchi forks. As I’m not a graphician nor a printer I have asked so many graphics & designers over the years – can’t count :-/

Unfortunately the result have always been very bad :-/ None (except the ONE ;-)) of them where able to tell me in detail how and where to print the decals nor how to create the print templates. Some of discussions, work with graphics and offers had been pure horror as they tried to f### me, don’t understand why. I might add some of this crazy crap online later, still thinking about.

O.k., now I’m realy very happy to announce, that the first set of XC600 decals have been printed and already arrived.

And I can tell you that they are looking very great!! Will add a picture later.

So what is the plan now and for my other bikes?

As I have many original Marzocchi XCR decals in my boxes, I will reprint some more XC600 decals in short. Than I will do decals for XC500, XC50/51, XC400 in black and white … this has been requested by friends.

Later on I will add XC700, DH3 and may be some of the older forks.

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