I received a Package with my custom made SHIVER DC and MONSTER BUSHINGS – including the rare/expensive bottom bushings with outer PTFE/Teflon coating (both in the middle)!
Picture both left : MONSTER’s bushings, right : SHIVER DC bushings (1 Pair).
Production has been in time and shipping was fast – sometimes it is so easy if you have found a good contact and know how to do.🥇💝🤣

In fact any bushing size can be done with inner or outer coating.🖐👍
Bushings Sizes :
SHIVER DC 35mm : 
  • 4x  35 * 38 * 15
MONSTER 40mm 1998 – 2006+ :
  • 2x  40 * 44 * 15
  • 2x  38 * 40 * 15
I will for sure do some more order for other bushing sizes for other Marzocchi Forks after analysing the result of this test project – this was about minimum quantity 300 pcs.
The SHIVER DC bushings I can test myself, but for the MONSTER’s I need some help. Someone in DE can support here and do a test, please??
Drop me a note if you like to do the test and we can discuss the test use-case & details.
Have a nice day – go for a ride with you Marzocchi!!🤙
MONSTER's Bushing-Kit 40mm SHIVER's DC Bushings-Kit 35mm
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