That’s a post I did yesterday @ Instagram, it results in a lot of feedback, thanks!! 💖

Coloured Marzocchi Forks from the 90s COLLAGEThe King is dead. Long live the King!! (*)

(* free : King = Marzocchi)

Being busy the last weekends sorting and disassembling Marzocchi Forks.

As you might know Marzocchi was not only one of the very top tecky companies but they where also Italians with focus on design!
As a technican thinking about surface finish you know that anodizing is expensive but absolutly great – nothing comparable to simple paint jobs. Anodizing results in a strong, harden surface which resists ouer environment best – like the later upcomming stanchions coating.

So Marzocchi did it all:
– they built Suspension Forks with self developed up to date technical specs (including seals)
– created cool italian designs including some fancy coloured forks
– anodizing the lowers to match high quality surface

“Man, what is he talking about” you might think??
I’m trying to explain what absolutly great Job Marzocchi did in the 90’s+ and why I simply fell in love especial with the coloured Marzocchi forks. 🙏🤗😘🤙

This results for me in collecting, repairing and rebuilding Marzocchi Forks for more than 20 years.
But have a look yourself …

!!!++ PEACE ++!!

Coloured Marzocchi Forks from the 90's I


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