This is another project I wanted to do for years. There are a lot of Canti Sockets in different sizes on the market. This are about the older ones for XC-Series & Bomber’s from the beginning of Marzocchi Front Forks Suspensions 1989 – 2002+ – means all the well known Marzocchi Forks XC400, XC500, XC600, XC700, XCR, DH3. Bomber’s Z1, Z2, Z3 … and many others.

This are my reasons :

  • I like to have new sockets in all my Rebuilds & most of Full Repair Services. Older Canti Sockets (some are about 30 years old!) are often damaged (thread broken, bent, etc.) and I think stainless steel is the better material in optical & security reasons.
  • I don’t like the original Marzocchi Canti sockets :
    • they are not very well dimensioned (too exact in detail)
    • simple steel (not very stiff), looks cheap
    • expensive on the market if you want it in stainless steel
  • Expensive, if you want to buy from 3rd party. There is one seller in the net, who sells them in V2A. I asked to buy for a higher number, but he refused. [ O.k. …. as you like 😏 ]
  • So I simple have done it myself for my needs – as usual! 🤣🤣🤣

All you need is a detailed 3D CAD model + drawing and a good producer. As I have both, I simply did this now and the result is a real pleasure! 👏⚡🤙💖

Canti Sockets Blog Post full res

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