My Dear Bomber Biker’s & Maniacs’s!

the Bomber Seals still have not arrived, sorry! But I was not that lazy and fixed a lot of things in my shop about discounts and comfort functions being prepared.

We also tested sendings from Asia to my place and found a fast Express support solution. Cardboard boxes have been bought for shipping. So I’m almost prepared. 👍

I’d like you to support a ‘buying test’ and I’m asking you about ideas about pricing and others! Please share this post.

In the momemt I have set a price for a Bomber 30mm Seals kit for 40€, this may change because of the reservations I already have. I also realisized discrount for buying multiple kits, shipping & combination discounts, you will see a bulk price table in the shop on products, which are prepared for discounts. This may change to the end, I don’t know yet.

But for sure all ‘reservation buyers’ and may be the ‘early buyer in the first weeks’ will receive something like a special discount or a goodie for their early participation in this project just to say thanks! from my side. This is what I like to have also feedback from you using the  contact form or direct mail.

What can YOU do?

If you still did not make a reservation : please make one! ✔

Just go to the shop, select some products – e.g. a Bombers Seal Kit (classic or M-Arch) plus the tools (?) – and drop them into a basket, insert your adressdata, than cancel the shopping, but leave the shopping cart as it is. The system will send you your login data. Log in and see if your shopping cart is still o.k. Don’t be afraid in false order, just drop me a note about!
You can play around using your wishlist first, If you like. Just play with it. If your data is in I can do shipping very fast!

When the endprice has been fixed, I will inform you all about by Blog or direct email and change data in the shops. Until than I have made a decision about the prices, based on your feedback. If I don’t get feedback, I will also try to get one by email.

Please : You have to be a little patient, my shop has limited CPU power and bandwidth, so if some duzends of you visitors are in shopping around, it might be slow down a little.

Any ideas are welcome! Just drop me a note! ✔
THANKS for your helpful support! ✔


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