Over the days I worked on some of my projects:

  • The order for the 26mm outer dust seal is out and in progress. Hope to receive the seals in time in January.
    I thought about the price and created an offer for 20€ for a pair until 31.01.2018. I hope to receive some orders for it 😉
  • I set up my mailinglist using Mailchimp with my Marzocchi users database. I have collected around 500 qualified mail addresses from users around the world who got in contact with me during the last years.
  • I already sent the first newsletter out some days ago, mainly it is because of the seal reproduction. I want to spread the product idea to get some revenue – it was a good idea, but not that cheap ;-).
  • You can subscribe to the mailinglist by yourself now by using the opt-in features panel of my website.
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