Marzocchi Fork History (early 90’s)

Can you please explain the Marzocchi fork names in chronological order?

One of the things many people including me don’t understand is Marzocchi’s numbering of the different forks …

The first fork was the Star Fork (starting in 1989?), followed by PF1, TT10 and MX100 (all 1990 – 1992?). You can find various pictures and informations about PF1 and MX100, but none for TT10 ( I only know about because of a manual). MX 100 came in various painted designs/stickers. 

Followed by the XC100, XC200 and XC300 models for the 1992 model year. XC200 and XC300 are very rare models.

The XC51 was a discount model that didn’t appear until the 1994 model year having replaced the XC50 which came in 1993 which itself replaced the XC100.

The XC200 was followed by the XC150 in 1993 and the XC300 by the XC400 in 1993. XC400 was shipped in various colours including eloxal silber, lovly purple and blue and this well know cool design with ‘holes’ in the tubes. It also has separated oil/air chambers.

In 1994 came the XC51 and the XC500 and a version in between them made for Giant bicycles was called the EGS. There is also a rare XC250 (1992/1993), which looks like a XC500 without damping adjustments and a similar sticker. 

All Forks up to XC500 had 24mm stanchion tubes, using the same 24mm dust- and oilseals and had 51mm (2″) travel.

In 1995 we got the XC600, the XCR and the 3″ travel DH3 model as well as the EGS and a new elastomer-only model called the Zokes.

THe XCR had another – compared with XC500/XC600/XC700 more simple – technic to adjust the damping by using a little knob on the front of the tube and a changed inside design. The DH3 is – from a technical view – a XCR with extended stanchion tubes and respects the need to have more travel for downhill.

1996 brought us the XC700 and the DH3 again. 

Forks from XC600 up to DH3 all had 26mm stanchion tubes using the same 26mm dust- and oilseals. All had also 51mm travel, but DH3 had 77mm.

What than follows was the Zoke and the first Bombers starting with Z1 – which is not my focus here.

This list is still not 100%. If you can support, please do. 

I found some cool infos on the net, I think I read it @ RetroBike, it is somehow from a bike documentation book, but I don’t know the details about … will add later, if I find it or may be someone can point me to a source. THANKS!




June 2024
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