You all know, sometimes you get badly stuck, if a screw get’s teared off or the allen screw head turned round. Most common for classic Marzocchi Bombers are the 4 screws, which holds the brace (arch, brake booster) on the left and right castings. 

Why does his happen?

Easy answer: the standard allen screws are glued in!

What can I do to avoid damage??

If you heat it up, bevor trying to unscrew it, in most cases everything went fine. And if you use an impact wrench, a sharp bit and you have cleaned the allen screw key head you can get it out in 95% of your cases. 

What can I do, if this fails??

Easy, if you own a good drilling and a welding machine, have look at the pictures. First drill the head from the allen screw off by drilling a 6mm hole in the center until the head breaks up, than weld a nut on the rest of the screw. During welding the screw will heat up stringly, that’s what you need exact to screw it easily out 😉 

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