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This is a description about the service of an older Marzocchi fork. Feel free to ask, if you have questions.

For a service I do need only the fork legs (this is what I always request from customers), means the fork crown, the steerer and the head set can be mounted on the bike frame, you don’t need to unmount the headset!! Unmount your brakes from the sliders..
Pretty easy (will add a picture later!). This will keep the sending back package weight under 2kg (cheaper postage!).

In view of occasion (July 2019): If you nevertheless send the hole fork in unrequested – e.g. you are afraid of unmount the older screws – I will only clean the serviced fork legs and send the other parts back to you as they are.  

How to do?

Just take the front wheel out, clip the brake out and unmount the both fork legs. Unmount the brakes from the sliders. Pack fork legs oil- and shock-resistened and mail it to me.
I’d be happy if you do a basic outside cleaning before you send it to me!

If you can’t unmount the screws or if you are afraid to do please mail me, we need to make an arrangement to fix this. 
Some tipps to unmount are here, read it –> my favourite solutions are a impact wrench or aFestool accu screwdriver!.

Service includes usualy:

  • dissasembling of the fork legs
  • cleaning of all the parts of the fork legs in detail
  • checking
  • exchanging parts which are broken/corroded/heavy used with original ones / used ones / reproduced
  • assembling of the fork legs using new seals (new: original Marzocchi seals or reproduced seals in 100% quality)
  • new oil
  • postage back to you (Germany)
  • this means I usualy send it all back unmounted, you even might set the stickers on the tubes yourself



  • fix broken screws (screw heads turned, torn off, etc.)

Additional (for free – you cannot claim on it):

  • new stickers (original or reprinted)
  • new screws (Note: I’m not using the original screws, which are not made from stainless steal (means they corrode in a minute!), but from quality 8.8 and galvanized – feel free to use it or not). If you want to use stainless seal screws e.g. V2A or V4A please buy it yourself.
  • individual configuration depends on the drivers weight





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