So creating Bomber 30mm seals is one side – another one is the question of the right tooling to insert the seals correct into the sliders!

O.k., you can trick around a little bit but you probably know, that the 30mm Bomber seals fit very strong in the Bomber’s Sliders because of it’s massive metal sceleton and that Marzocchi tried the very best during developing the early Bombers to make them better pressure protected than the XC series. 

And of course we all now that we fullfill our forks service as it’s best using suitable tools, namely :

  • Slider Protector – to take the Oil Seals out without damaging the Sliders top Edges and Paint,
  • Oil Seal Insertion Tool – to press the oil in carefully – and may be :
  • Dust Seal Insertion Tool – to press the Dust seal in verticaly (can be done with the oil seal insertion toll easily!!)

So this is what I did most of the weekend :

  • Creating CAD 3D Model Constructions to be able to derive Production Drawings from it including all the dimensioning
  • Searching for some nice guys, who can do this production in a payable matter

So this was fun most of the time, next week I receive first production examples … it’s working!

I’ like to offer Bomber Service Seal Kit Bundles including the first 2 Tools for a small additional charge to fix all the costs. 

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