Marzocchi Forks for Kids

Something what I liked very much over the years are this very cool father-kid projects, where fathers rebuild Marzocchi custom forks for their kids by shorten older XC forks to 16″, 20″ or 24″. I always supported such dedicated projects (I did not support all of this projects, just to make this sure).

I would do the same if I’d have some younger daughter or son for sure ! 😉 

Here are some of the ‘kid with hero bike’ projects. Please feel free to send me informations if you did something yourself or if you find suitable projects on the net. THANKS!  

Herbert – Julia’s Steppenwolf (with silver XC600 – shortend to 24″)

You can read all about here

XC700 shorted to 20″

Here is a Link and some pics about a shortened XC700 from MTB News

20″ front fork build (Manitou)

This is another interesting project I found on the net: . There are some other Kid Bike/Fork informations available on this site – keep reading.

I’m not involved at all and it is related to a Manitou fork, but anyway it is a cool project!

Kid Bikes Forum

Some other kid bikes are here:

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