Service Kits & Boxes

All Marzocchi service kits and boxes for the older forks from the 90’s which have been seen by me. 

ForkContentsMarzocchi Art. Nr.LARM No.Description ENTo use with fork typ:
XC5116.5115361682MAR Repair SetXC51;
parts no 20, 22, 4, 38H, 38 will also fit to older forks
XC40016.5050Complete XC400 Repair SetXC400 and older;
parts 20, 22, 4, 38, 38H and others will fit in older 24mm forks
XC400 / XC50/51 ?16.510.5XC400 and older
XC500850515/C24mm big 'Repair Kit'XC500, parts no. 20, 22, 4 will fit in all older 24mm forks
Kit Oil Seals D.24all 24mm forks (<= XC500)
XC600??361641MAR Seal KitXC600, XC700
Parts no. 22, 22, 4, 38 & 38H will also fit in XCR & DH3
XC600850531/CRepair KitXC600 & XC700
XC7001.6513321135026mm Rebuild KitXC700
XCR / DH3850656/CXC-R DH3 '96'XCR, DH3;
20, 22, 4, 38, 38H will fit in XC600 & XC700
XCR / DH31.65133211350XC-R DH3 '96'XCR, DH3
26mm570F1122907053MAR Dichtungs.Marzocchi 26mm in DruckverschlussbeutelXC600, XC700, XCR, DH3
ForkContentsService Box TypeMarzocchi Art. No.LARM No.Description
XC500small caseITEM 61.08361817Maintenance Kit / MAR Rep.Kasten klein
XC600 (700)small case
XCRsmall caseITEM 61.06361815Maintenance Kit / MAR Rep.Kasten klein 'XCR' #61.06
XC400big case
XC500big caseITEM 61.04361813
XC600 (700)big caseITEM 61.01Maintenance Case
XCRbig caseITEM 61.02361811Maintenance Kit / MAR Service-Kit 'XCR' #61.02


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